Section Properties for a Shape

Defined by a Closed Polygon


Enter Coordinates in Counter-Clockwise Order

Shape Count:
B: Width
H: Height
Flat Base Trapezoid
B: Base Width
H0: Height at (0,0)
HB: Height at (B,0)
Right Triangle:
B: Width
H: Height
General Triangle:
S1: Base Length
S2: Side 2 Length
S3: Side 3 Length

Circle will be approximated by straight segments at 1° increments.

R: Radius
Bezier Fillet in Right Angle:

Fillet will be approximated by 50 straight segments.

B: Fillet Width
H: Fillet Height
N Sided Polygon:
N: Number of Sides (3 minimum)
Start Angle: Angle of the first vertex
Radius: Radius from center to each vertex
Steel Shapes:
Shape Set:

Translation :
Translation: x y
Rotation :
Rotation (degrees)
Counter-Clockwise Positive
Center of Rotation
x y
Mirror :
Align to Axis :
Alignment based on another Shape :
Shape1 Properties:
Modulus of Elasticity, E ksi
Yield Stress: ksi
Void or Solid?
Plot Color
Shape1 Vertices:
Vertex ID x (in) y (in)
Quick Properties
Area : in2
xc in
yc in